miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014


When I was a child, my mother died, so I lived in my house with my seven brothers and sisters.
We were orphans, my father had left to war and he had disappeared, so we had to survive.
If we were hungry, we had to get food; if we were cold, we had to find a way to take shelter.
We had a lot of problems that a child shouldn´t have.
Time went by, and one day, it stopped raining and we were without water. It was hot and we couldn´t drink. My older brother, Shambel, always decided not to have any water so that the others could have enough water to drink.
One year later, Shambel died of malnutrition .He was only 15,but he was like a father to us .Despite the pain we felt at that moment, my sister Malaki and me were the ones who were going to fetch water.
For a long time, my brother Jonel was ill because of drinking polluted water and he needed some medicines. Fortunately, some tourists found us and they paid for a doctor. Jonel got better and those tourists called a NGO that took us to a refugee camp. At last we had water and food! We were very happy...I wish Shambel were with us, we miss him....
Now, I am 28 years old and I have a good job. I work as a scientist and I am looking for a cure for many dangerous diseases. I am very proud of my brothers and sisters and of myself, because we overcome the problems alone.
The war ended and now, I have started a family. I hope to be happy and I hope nothing bad happens again.
My name is Imbalí, I am African and this is my story.

Inés Prado Carbón, 3 ESO B 

A gañadora co seu diploma

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